How Would The World Look if All Religions Were Made-Up

Let’s run a little thought experiment.

Take a moment to think about how the world would look if all deities and religions were subjective inventions of human imagination. I think it’s safe to say that different cultures would invent different deities and religions that reflected their respective cultures. They would probably invent all sorts of creation myths and subsequent legends, and write them down in a huge variety of scriptures. These scriptures would probably contain some conventional wisdoms and possibly even some actual historical occurrences. But they would likely also contain all sorts of internal contradictions, ancient customs and nonsensical explanations that stem from the human tendency to fall into mysticism and magical thinking.

Over time, as cultures and societies developed, customs, social norms and laws would change, and people would either reinterpret their ancient scriptures to fit the times they lived in or try to force their contemporaries to live according to ancient customs, or both. And when eventual scientific discoveries disproved many of the ancient scriptural claims, they would claim that those specific parts (as opposed to the parts that had not yet been disproved) were meant to be taken metaphorically.

There would be a great deal of fighting among the different religions and even among different sects within the same religions. Each would claim that all other religions were misguided or false, some even going as far as claiming that people from other religions were deceived by an ultimate demon or evil ghost.

Now, open your eyes and tell me what you see around you in real life.


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