Every Religion is in The Minority

Religious believers will often try to pin atheism as a minority compared with most of the world’s population that believes in god. This, however, is a huge misrepresentation of reality. It even conflicts with their own religious view of things.

Pretty much every believer thinks that people who believe in other religions, let alone in other deities, are wrong. Other religions and other deities are seen as misguided human inventions at best, and traps the devil has set in order to deceive people at worst.

If you do the math on it, every single religion is in the minority, and from their perspective, most of the world’s population is either delusional, misguided or mistaken. From a Christian perspective, Hinduism is just as bad as atheism. From a Muslim perspective, Mormonism and Buddhism are just as misguided as atheism.

From this perspective, monotheists who believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and timeless deity have to contend with what is supposed to be an infinitely wise plan for most humans to never understand or accept the real god and the religion he wants people to follow. It would have been impossible for a supernatural deity with those attributes to not know how things would have panned out, or to be powerless to change or prevent them from going that way. No, you have to contend with him wanting things to be as they are—wanting most people to not accept the true god and the true religion.

This seems to be, at the very least, at odds with the notion of an all-loving, all-wise god who wants nothing more than for his human creation to love him, and with the eternal punishments he’s supposedly designed for those who reject him. I’m not trying to criticize the ineffable will of a god who moves in mysterious ways. I’m just exposing the fact that this whole invented story contradicts itself on its own terms.

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