“Science Can’t Prove Many Things” – Debunked

The Argument

There are many fundamentally important things we all rely on which science can’t prove. It cannot prove logic. It cannot prove mathematics. Science cannot even prove the validity of science itself. We know these are vitally important things but we don’t expect science to prove them. Why is it any different with god?

How to debunk it

  1. We might not be able to scientifically prove logic or mathematics (which is a form of logic), and no—strictly speaking science cannot prove itself by any means external to itself. But what we can do is demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of these things. It’s like asking for evidence to prove that we should value evidence or a reasoning process to prove the importance of reason. These are fundamental, bedrock concepts that cannot be proven but can be demonstrated.
  2. God, according to monotheist believers, is a singular, conscious, personal, supernatural entity. A non-demonstrable, supernatural deity has absolutely nothing to do with concepts like logic, mathematics and science. If he did, there would be nothing to worship, just like we don’t worship the other concepts.
  3. There are only two types of claims that cannot be proven, falsified or otherwise demonstrated: claims that are simply made up (literature, art, fantasy, fairy tales, etc.) and claims that are completely subjective (personal tastes, emotional connections, etc.). To say that something is non-scientific and cannot even be demonstrated is to say that it’s either made up or subjective and personal—both of which seem to be the case with the idea of a supernatural deity.
  4. If we’re going to accept that Yahweh or Allah are outside the realm of proof, falsifiability and demonstration, then Zeus, Odin, Ra, Vishnu, Quetzalcoatl and all other deities will get the same free pass. Trying to blur the boundaries of reason, evidence and demonstration gets you nowhere. If you can sneak one deity through this line then anyone can sneak any deity, monster, ghost or mythical character through as well. It brings you right back to where you started.

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