How to Debunk: “The Theory of Evolution is Full of Holes”

The Argument

The evidence for the theory of evolution is very weak. The theory is full of holes and is unproven.

How to Debunk It

  1. If you think the theory of evolution is too scientifically weak, that it’s lacking in evidence and doesn’t make any sense, I can only imagine how little you think of the god conjecture, which isn’t even a theory and is supported by no reason or evidence.
  2. Even if you were to show that the overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists and the scientifically literate population are wrong about the theory of evolution, even if you were to successfully poke enough holes in it to render it debunked (which would be a discovery of monumental proportions), it would still not get you one inch closer to showing that the idea of creationism is anything other than a fairy tale. Evolution and creationism are not in a zero-sum competition. There is no such thing as a competition in science. A theory is either proven on its own merits or it is not. The default is always the null hypothesis, not any of the thousands of ancient creation myths.
  3. A person’s inability to understand or accept the proven theory of evolution doesn’t mean they have successfully disproved it.


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2 thoughts on “How to Debunk: “The Theory of Evolution is Full of Holes”

  1. Try reading St. Thomas Aquinas before you say there are holes in the “God conjecture.” There are probably just holes in the particular flavor of religion that you’ve seen.

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