How to Debunk: “The Proof of God’s Existence is All Around You.”

The Argument

You ask for proof of the existence of god, but the proof is all around you. Everything you see, feel, hear, touch, taste, know about—the entire universe—is the proof. You yourself are proof. You wouldn’t be here if god didn’t exist.

How to Debunk It

  1. This is just a simple non sequitur argument. Yes, what we see around us is real, but nothing in the argument is offered to causally connect it to a creator deity. The connection is simply asserted out of thin air.
  2. You can just as easily, and fallaciously, take the same exact “proof” approach with any deity. Why doesn’t the universe prove the existence of Zeus or Ra or Vishnu? That’s not what proof is, and this isn’t the way you put together a logical argument. It’s just a word game that anyone can play with any deity.


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