Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

How to debunk it

  1. This isn’t an argument, it’s a question—a perfectly good one, by the way. The
    problems start when people try to answer it with insufficient reason and evidence.
    There are those (mostly in the fields of theoretical physics and quantum physics)
    who are working on it, and there are some promising leads. But we have to admit
    that we don’t yet have a definitive answer (or answers) to this question. Therefore,
    the only sensible stance is to suspend judgment until we discover more about it.
  2. In the absence of evidence, it makes no sense to claim to know the answer to
    this question. And it makes even less sense to claim that the answer is a specific
    supernatural deity.
  3.  The biggest problem with the main religious answer to this question—that god
    created everything—is that it only kicks the can down the road. If the problem
    is figuring out why anything exists then answering it with god only begs the
    question about why god exists. If it doesn’t matter why god exists then why
    should it matter why the universe exists? And if the claim is that god has always
    existed then you can just as easily make the same claim about the universe. God
    isn’t a solution to this problem, it’s just a restatement, or even exacerbation, of it.
    In other words, why do you think there’s a god rather than no god?

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