Why Don’t You Believe In God?

The Argument

Why don’t you believe in God?

What’s Wrong With It

It’s not even an argument; just a loaded question that tries to suggest there’s something wrong with a lack of belief.  Loaded questions of any sort need not be answered because doing so suggests you accept the false premise the question was loaded with. This question is actually loaded with two false premises.

The first is that a lack of belief needs to be defended. This makes no sense in light of the fact that there’s an infinite number of things a person doesn’t believe in — and therefore an infinite number of “Why don’t you believe in…?” questions.

You never have to defend a lack of belief. It’s the the believer — the person accepting an objective truth claim — who’s the one that needs to defend their belief.

The second thing the question is loaded with is the premise that there’s only one god you need to believe in. As soon as you realize there are thousands of deities on offer, you see that it makes no sense to go down the entire list, detailing why you don’t believe in every single deity until you get to the one you happen to believe in.

How To Debunk It

Which god do you think I should believe in? Why don’t YOU believe in Zeus or Vishnu or Odin or Ra or Quetzalcoatl? For the same reasons you don’t owe anyone an answer to thousands of questions about a lack of belief in thousands of deities, I don’t owe you one about Yahweh or Allah.

If you give me good reasons to believe in a particular deity, I will. But since there are none that I know of, I will simply withhold judgement and continue to disbelief in all deities.

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